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Flatbread – You Had Me With The Pizza!

Flatbread Paia

Flatbread Paia

If you’ve heard about Flatbread Pizza - the wonderful wood-fired pies made with locally grown ingredients dished up with much heralded community spirit, you might think it’s too good to be true. Rest assured, it’s the real deal.

Flatbread Pizza in Pa`ai is actually part of a chain but if you’ve turned up your nose reading that, hold on a minute. Founded in Vermont over ten years ago, it’s a chain is based on principles that defy what most chains represent. They use natural and locally grown ingredients like organic flour, kosher salt, real cake yeast for the dough, and organic tomato sauce, nitrate free meats, free-range chicken and organically grown vegetables for toppings.

Nitrate free meats, organic veggies, wholesome ingredients

Nitrate free meats, organic veggies, wholesome ingredients

Some Flatbread’s devotees believe the best part about the restaurant is the wood fired cauldron where the pizza develops a perfect crust and earthy, smoky flavor that’s irresistible. For other Flatbread fans, knowing that the pizzeria uses such mindfulness in food preparation is enough to feel great about eating there. But Flatbread goes it one better by also donating a portion of their profits to the local community every Tuesday night.

More evidence of the value placed on community roots and ties (which I can imagine is as pervasive in Vermont as it is on Maui) is the chalkboard which lists the source of ingredients used in the pizza – Surfing Goat Dairy, Hale Akua, Kupa`a Farms, Maui Sprout Farms among them. You feel all warm inside before you even taste the delicious food.

Making Pizza in the Wood-fired Oven

Making Pizza in the Wood-fired Oven

The same consciousness and appreciation is extended to every patron who walks through the doors, which is likely why Flatbread was voted Most Family Friendly Restaurant by Maui No Ka Oi readers and Best Pizza on Maui by Maui Weekly.  Flatbread deserves the acclaim because they really seem to care – about you, the growers, the community and the food they serve. It’s a wonderful thing.

Community Spirit at Flatbread's Bar

Community Spirit at Flatbread's Bar

Flatbread Pizza
89 Hana HighwayPaia
(808) 579-8989Flatbread on Urbanspoon

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