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Whole Foods – Whole Deal

Whole Foods Whole Deal

Whole Foods Whole Deal

It seems that everyone has been talking about the opening of Whole Foods in Kahului, and none more excitedly than Maui Farms, with whom WF shared their profits today in keeping with the grocery chain’s dedication to community, fair trade and a host of other noble and admirable traits.

Not just another grocery store, Whole Foods is – to use their phrase – the Whole Deal. Through their programs and services Whole Foods seeks to change lives by offering guidance, information, education and community involvement to the consumer. They mean to help make people healthy and facilitate strengthening local economies in which their products are sourced. They boast a number of programs to accomplish the goals of their core values, which include:

• Selling the highest quality natural and organic products available

• Satisfying and delighting our customers

• Supporting team member happiness and excellence

• Creating wealth through profits & growth

• Caring about our communities & our environment

• Creating ongoing win-win partnerships with our suppliers

• Promoting the health of our stakeholders through healthy eating education

That’s a lot to commit to, and Whole Foods, having grown from seedling to great oak in one generation has the muscle and money to stick by their values.

Whole Foods Coffee Bar

Whole Foods Coffee Bar

That said, let’s get one question out of the way – is it expensive? In general, it costs more to do the right thing and since Whole Foods is committed to doing the the right things (Fair Trade and organic, and all) as a result consumers may find higher prices at Whole Foods than an ordinary grocery store. But in Maui we are used to paying higher grocery prices and besides, once you shop at Whole Foods, everything else will seem ordinary in comparison. The range of services, products and amenities is unequaled plus you won’t be temped to buy all kinds of things that are bad for you and a waste of money. Many of their “house brands” are wonderful values, including super wines at rock bottom prices.

So enough with the editorial and on to the facts.

There is much to be told about Whole Foods but by means of introducing novices to Whole Foods distinctive programs, let’s begin this weekend with the Health Starts consultations, whereby educated professionals help guide customers on a journey toward food health by pointing out what’s good and not so good in their diet and steering them toward healthier choices.

Extensive Gorgeous Produce Section

Extensive Gorgeous Produce Section

Then on Saturday at 11 a.m., Keiki Cooking kicks off, a fun class perfect for children 5 to 12 yrs old that includes demonstrations and hands-on easy meal preparations the entire family can enjoy. Afterward, experts give Value Tours of the store, pointing out those products considered to be of greatest value for the price.

The company’s website is amazing with categories including extensive healthy recipe listings, product information, health and nutrition and user forums for sharing advice and information, plus coupons and deals.

If you sign up for the newsletter you’ll stay in touch with all that’s happening in the Kahului store. Why not take advantage of all that Whole Foods offers now that they have made it to Maui including perusing the online cooking show entitled “The Secret Ingredient?” Whole Foods also has regular recipe invitationals and whether or not you enter, you can always find stupendous original recipes posted such as the Parmesan Crisps Dipped in Chocolate.

Brisk Business at Kahului's Newest

Brisk Business at Kahului's Newest

Rest assured, What’s Cooking Maui will be following Whole Foods progress and programs along the way and sharing with our readers. For now, suffice to say E Komo Maui – we are glad they are here.

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