Maui Bake Shop and Deli : Wailuku

Address: 2092 Vineyard Street,Wailuku,HI

Phone: (808) 242-0064

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the rating of this restaurant is 4 stars

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The user rating of the restaurant is 5


the cost of this restaurant is 2 dollars


This Wailuku mainstay was absent from the scene just long enough that I’d nearly given up the idea of ever finding another such flaky, rockin’ croissant or true to its roots Florentine on Maui. Thankfully, Maui Bake Shop owners Jose and Claire Krall are backĀ en force, delivering pastries and bread the good old fashioned way the French intended – from a vintage brick oven. They also serve great lunches – such as salads, sandwiches and quiche.

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