Hula Grill : Whalers Village : Lahaina

Address: 2435 Kaanapali Parkway,Lahaina,HI

Phone: (808) 667-6636

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Hula Grill may be the number one west side classic for casual, toes in the sand, tropical dining. Views are spectacular and the scene idyllic as you ease back in your beach side chair under a thatched umbrella listening to Jimmy Buffet tunes drinking a Mai Tai.

Even Maui locals favor this restaurant as place to meet for lunch or after dinner socializing around the mai tai bar. Portions can be puny for dinner, though, and there’s no doubt you are paying for the views with $30+ entrees and $10+ pupus. Try the Hawaiian Ceviche with Taro Chips or any of the Chef designed fish preparations. There’s also a good value on the early bird special served at the indoor bar if you’ve seen so many glorious sunsets you can now afford to miss one in exchange for a money-saving meal. Options, options…

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