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Trudy Garrett – Sansei’s Hot Bartender!

Hot Bartenders Both - Trudy and Mike at Sansei

Hot Bartenders Both - Trudy and Mike at Sansei

Trudy Garrett was gracious enough to answer a few questions posed by What’s Cooking Maui. Read on and learn what makes Trudy such a fascinating person and so much fun to be around!

WCM: Right to the point, Trudy, how do you keep things “cool” yet make your bar so “hot?”
Trudy: DK, the owner of Sansei, keeps things cool (some nights they even say cold!) Michael’s really the one who keeps the bar hot.

WCM: You’re not just a bartender; you also serve lots and lots of sushi at your bar. With all the serving, bussing, pouring, mixing, and special orders, how do you manage it all so seamlessly?
Trudy: I obviously don’t do it alone. What helps the most is we work so well together and I love what I do.

WCM: Off the cuff — what’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?
Trudy: I’m not that nice.

WCM: Okay, better put, how did you originally find your way to Sansei? How long have you been working there?
Trudy: I was recruited by my previous manager. I’ve been at Sansei three years now.

WCM: If I weren’t the bartender at Sansei I’d be __________________.
Trudy: Jobless and sitting on the other side of the bar. It wouldn’t be pretty!!

WCM: Sansei is undoubtedly a great place to meet and mingle, especially late nights. How do you make everyone feel so at home at your bar?
Trudy: My home is your home – just be respectful!

WCM: Yes, ma`am! Ever give relationship advice?
Trudy: Yeah, put your drink down, go home, and deal with it!

WCM: What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened at your bar?
Trudy: Parin Hilton came in and personally invited me to be her BFF! Just kidding, every night is interesting.

WCM: Sounds like Paris missed out. What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened in your life?
Trudy: Most people seem to think it was my being an Airborne Paratrooper in the U.S. Army. I say it was moving to this beautiful island and living my dream.

WCM: A paratrooper who moved to Maui  and works at Sansei- that’s pretty exciting. Did your army experience prepare you to handle high stress situations  as well as you do? Those prickly people and all…
Trudy: Most people behave. I’m a pretty straight forward person. If they get out of control I turn them over to my partner, Michael.

WCM: Well, at least you learned chain of command. What’s your favorite libation to serve? To enjoy after hours? To toss down the drain?
Trudy: Favorite drink to serve is martinis. Favorite to imbibe after hours is dirty martini, with 2 olives but no pimentos, and I would rather toss pina coladas down the drain.

WCM: Fill in the blanks: If I never see another ______________ in my life it will be too soon.
Trudy: Person who litters!

WCM: What do you like most about Maui?
Trudy: The fact I’m here. I love everything about it. Everyday I’m grateful.

WCM: What do you like most about your job?
Trudy: The people I meet and the friendships I’ve made.

WCM: You’re a real champion, Trudy, and in spite of what you claim, I think you’re really nice.
Trudy: If you say so…

Sansei's Famed Logo

Sansei's Famed Logo

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