David Paul’s Island Grill – Deals!


David Paul’s Island Grill
900 Front Street
Lahaina, Maui


Beautiful and delicious salmon appetizer

Beautiful and delicious salmon appetizer

So much has been written (and whispered) about David Paul’s Island Grill since it opened this past spring (2009) in Lahaina. Although we’ve  remained conspicuously silent during the restaurant’s start-up period,  we were observing, stopping in now and then to taste this and that, giving it time to settle a bit.

We had acknowledged it’s a really beautiful space and predicted the food would be first-rate coming from David Paul. He, with a reputation to uphold, associations to explain, standards to maintain, new territory to explore, had a lot at stake. Most importantly he would need to satisfy patrons with discriminating palates who would challenge the oft controversial chef to fulfill their every expectation.dp surf and turf

David Paul, in the course of his illustrious career, has won every coveted award, broken rules, forged new ground and gone against the grain more than once. To time his “comeback” in concert with intense market challenges, at a time when others might rather throw in the dishtowel, was courageous and bold. He’s making it.

What he’s doing right, besides continuing his tradition of excellence in the kitchen, is offering great value. Over 50 wines by the glass for under $10; half-size portions available on many items; a constantly changing menu; six course chef’s tasting menu for $49 (that’s always new and different); and now even greater incentives to stop in and see what the buzz is about.

The  biggest and most news worthy buzz spawns from his “New Island Cuisine” approach to cooking and menu selections that appeal to everyman and gourmets alike. For not-so-average Joes, there’s mac and cheese — with truffles, of course; burgers crafted with Kobe beef; big bowls of salad to share with friends. At Island Grill you might also enjoy comfort on a silver platter with slow roasted pork and short ribs; while other dishes like the ahi and foie gras or butterfish and lobster drip with elegance.

Bar - David Paul's Island Grill

Bar - David Paul's Island Grill

The Chef’s originality and creativity shine in dishes like the Princess and the Pea — diver scallops seared medium rare and served on sweet English pea cakes with pickled ginger foam and frizzled leeks. Yes, pea cakes. What a great idea! Ever try lemongrass kimchee as a side dish? Brussel sprout leaves in place of romaine on your Caesar salad? Whether or not such experiments are your cuppa cabbage, one thing is certain, you won’t be bored and you won’t go broke trying out exotic flavors or enjoying soul-satisfying mainstays at David Paul’s Island Grill.

Absolut Sunset at the Bar – $5.00 Absolut cocktails, $3.00 Draft Beer, 50% off Supper Club menu all night at the bar!!



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